Online real estate fraud may be easier to commit than real estate fraud that involves brick and mortar shops simply because people committing fraud online can present themselves as being legitimate with the click of a button. This could be part of the reason why real estate fraud has been increasing.

Online real estate fraud may be too easy to commit

Mature experienced real estate investors have been caught in online real estate frauds. It’s not a matter of experience only. To avoid online real estate fraud, people may need to familiarize themselves with the signs of fraud.

The good news is that you can look for signs that a business isn’t above water. Seeking references that are independently received about a company is a start. Trusting your gut is another good first step. So too is checking a company’s licenses, patents, trademarks, copyrights and financial performance history.

Although there may be no fool proof way to avoid fraud, there isn’t any cause for  you have to be a victim of real estate fraud.Here are a few reasons why online real estate fraud is easy to pull off. These same signs can also trigger your awareness that it’s best to stay away from a company:

  • Ponzi scheme – Each new client pays an older, existing client’s “false” profits. Similar to Ponzi schemes that operate in other industries, people who commit real estate fraud may be charismatic and charming. This makes it easy for these people to attract and nab unsuspecting real estate investors. Using their amazing charm, people committing fraud can also lure tenants into apartment, condo and rented home fraudulent schemes.
  • Ads on legitimate online sites – Phony real estate ads that are placed on legitimate online sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube could be perceived as being as legitimate as the ad site. Readers of these ads might readily assume that just because the housing ad is on a major platform, the company or person behind the ad is legitimate.
  • Lack of need for a physical business location -The housing industry isn’t the only industry that has seen people state that their business is located in a major city like New York City, Chicago or Miami, when, in fact, the person operating the fraudulent business lives in an apartment in another country. All it takes too hook someone are pictures, graphics, videos and the right wording.
  • Mailing lists – Getting in touch with would-be renters and investors is relatively easy using online mailing tools. People who commit real estate fraud can buy mailing lists and start delivering their sales pitch. They might even hire professional marketing or sales writers to craft their messages and legitimate website designers to build out their websites, increasing the likelihood that they will hook people.
  • Copy cats – To “legitimize” their businesses, people who commit real estate fraud might study real housing, construction or real estate investment companies. This allows them to know the types of information to put on their websites. Costs of doing this may be no more than $100.

Fake news isn’t the only thing that is on the rise due to the ease of online content creation. Online real estate fraud has also been increasing. To avoid losing hundreds or thousands of dollars in an online real estate fraud scheme, learn the signs of potential fraud. Despite how attractive an offer sounds, conduct due diligence to avoid becoming a victim of an online charmer.

There are many different advantages to adding more nature to your home inside and out. For one, it makes you happy to be around more natural things. We spend so much time in front of screens and using technology, that it’s nice to be brought back to nature right in your own home. 

All this being said, it’s a great idea to consider building a fish pond on your property. There’s many different advantages to these bodies of water around your home including:

A Pond Will Build Up The Look Of Your Property

If there’s a part of your property that you just can’t get past, perhaps building a fish pond will be a good use of that area. Some people take the idea further, creating a water garden complete with streams. However you decide to build your fish pond; simple or elaborate, you’ll appreciate how it will improve the look of your property.

It Will Spark Your Creativity

Planning where and how a fish pond will go in your yard can really spark your creativity. You and your partner can think about what you want and find the best ways to execute your project. From the way you’ll establish the surrounding landscapes to how you plan to dig the pond to what kind of fish you’ll put in the pond, there’s a lot to think about. The best part is that you will create how you want your property to be more exciting and pleasant to spend time on. 

You Make A Good Use Of Your Space

Maybe you feel that you have a lot of “wasted space” on your property. Installing a fish pond is a great way to make use of the space that you do have in your yard. If you feel that you could be doing something incredible with the space that you do have, building your own pond is a great way to do that. 

Connect With Nature

A fish pond allows for you to enjoy more than just fish. It will attract other types of wildlife including unique insects, birds and more. Watching fish has also been proven to be an activity that reduces stress and increases your level of health. According to studies done by the National Marine Aquarium, the mere act of watching fish has been shown to reduce blood pressure and decrease heart rate. Being in a natural environment is much more soothing to both your physical and mental states.       

While building a fish pond can seem like a huge project, you can see that the benefits are many. You’ll truly feel that you have maximized your land space and can enjoy the many benefits of having your own small wildlife sanctuary right on your property.

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