Where you buy a house is a big deal, especially when it comes to commuter costs. Considering that there are millions of Americans who commute more than 90 minutes a day to and from work, buying a house close to where you work could yield significant savings. You could keep money that you’d need to spend on a vehicle. That would also yield auto insurance and auto repair savings. You wouldn’t ever have to worry about getting sued and paying costly legal fees due to an auto accident that you caused. But, for a house close to where you live to truly remove the need to own a vehicle, the community where you live needs to have certain benefits. To begin, getting access to these benefits may necessitate living in a major city.

Community benefits that could help you wave good-bye to rush hour traffic

Simply put, if you live in a small town, rush hour traffic may be the last thing that you think about. But, that doesn’t mean that you’re in a position to sale your car or truck and not replace it with another vehicle. In fact, small towns may lack the following advantages. Therefore, moving to a small town isn’t enough to make a community fully walkable. But, these advantages could be:

  • Public transportation – Trains, buses and subways that are within walking distance of residential areas can create a fully walkable community. Examples of these communities include New York’s Manhattan and downtown Chicago. Even in places like Philadelphia and Atlanta,you can enjoy entertainment, shopping and expand your education without owning a vehicle. Uber, Lyft and traditional taxi services help make a community that much more personal auto free.
  • Food markets – Grocery stores, farmer’s markets and corner food markets need to be less than three to four miles of where you buy a house. If food markets are less than a mile from where you live, you could take a pull cart to the grocery store and roll your groceries back home.
  • Shopping centers – Similar to grocery stores,it’s important to live in a community that is near shopping centers. However, due to online shopping, this may not be an absolute requirement, as you could do a lot, if not all, of your shopping online.
  • Medical centers – Major cities offer easy access to medical facilities like urgent clinics, private physician’s offices and hospitals. If you buy a house that is on a public transportation line near one or more medical centers, worries that you wouldn’t be able to reach a medical center in time could vanish.
  • Outdoor facilities – A vibrant community offers you opportunities to get to know your neighbors via parks, outdoor dining areas and outdoor exercise facilities. Examples of these include outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts and baseball parks.
  • Entertainment hubs – Restaurants, concert halls and arts centers connect people. They also help you to enjoy your current experiences.
  • Businesses – Move to an area that’s near lots of start-ups, mid-size and large businesses and you could walk to work.
  • Literacy – Continual learning contributes to personal development. It also offers tools that help people get acclimated to different cultures, languages and parts of the country and world. Living near these places could motivate you to continue to learn and grow.

It’s not just the curb appeal, yard size and interior of a house that make taking on a particular mortgage a good deal. Where a house is located could put you within minutes of entertainment, history, public transportation, shops and grocery stores, places that you’d need an automobile to get to if you lived away from the hub of a city. As a minimalist or someone who simply wants to get out of the rat race, a house that eliminates the need to own and care for a vehicle could be perfect.

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Maynard, MA:

This Single-Family in Maynard, MA recently sold for $325,000.
This is a Colonial style home and features 6 total rooms, 1 full bath, 3 bedrooms, 0.11 acres, and was sold by
Nancy C. Evans & Michaela Moran – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – Acton

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